FAQ Manual
FAQ/Manual to start Social Mining in Open Predict Family

FAQ/Manual to start Social Mining in Open Predict Family

Welcome to the Family! 

This manual will help you to start Social mining with Open Predict. 

1. The first step is to register https://community.openpredict.io/ 

1.1 Make your password secure and enable 2FA - security always important

1.2 Complete starting survey to appeal for the specific role in the Community. Make it deployed and scratchy, showing your strong sides. Don`t worry about choosing, every role can participate in all events, but it is important for the Team to classify community members. 

2. Set up your profile https://community.openpredict.io/profile/

2.1. Very important step - to fulfill correctly your account - it helps you to earn maximum rewards.  Check the slide above to do things right. 

Telegram links to be followed: 

2.2. ERC-20 Wallet - another important step - you should have at least 25 OPT in it.

After you set up your account and connect you wallet wit 25 OPT in it , you can check My staking - check the slide above

Don`t worry if you don`t see your OPT in "My staking", it doesn`t mean that you don`t have it - bot do screenshots daily, you will see your stake next day.


Well done! Main part is done

3. How to earn OPT points and help the community? 

3.1 Tasks from the Team - tip Tasks, as marked in the screenshot below 

3.2.  Follow the instructions in every task to earn rewards. Perform tasks efficiently, this is important when scoring.

3.3. Twitter and Telegram tasks are available with Twitter and Telegram buttons. Referral program will be available after you get 0.01 Reputation points. 




4. Where can you control your point income? 



5. Can I do only tasks from Tasks, Twitter, Telegram, and Referral? If I have any useful ideas? The community really appreciates all helpful suggestions. You can submit your ideas using the button Submit Activity


Good job!

Now you know the basic steps to deal with Social mining.

It is the end of the first part of my guide to deal with Social mining. I hope it will help you to make the first steps in our Community.

If you still any questions, don't hesitate to contact me @AthinkT or IALT742 in OPT Community.

If you find it useful - upvote - it will help other newcomers to find in easier.

See you on second part of FAQ.




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