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First OPT DAO Influencer Task by Gunawan

First OPT DAO Influencer Task by Gunawan

I have done write article about OPT DAO in Medium with title : Social Mining at OPT DAO Makes My Life More Colorful

I have done Create straight to the point content introducing OpenPredict and OPT DAO our community-building initiative. 

I have done follow the Rules:

  • What is OpenPredict; short intro of our Fundraising, business and product idea

  • What is OPT DAO; introduce the idea of Social Mining and how the platform works

  • Explain the OPT staking requirement and rewards budget

  • Make my contribution as professional as possible. Think about SEO, write a catchy title, subtitle, use keywords, backlinks, and tags. Structure your written Contribution.


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Author: Gunawan35
Published on: 29/08/2020 02:10 (edited on: 01/09/2020 13:27)




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