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First OPT DAO Design Competition

First OPT DAO Design Competition

Masters of the digital "brush tool", pixel tamer and wannabee digital artist, the stage is yours! We are aiming to get the craziest chat-logo in the crypto universe for OPT DAO Chat (Crazy the god way!). Submit your Logo concept to this task to help OpenPredict to be THE DeFi Unicorn of the Year!


  • Multiples submissions are welcome (quality over quantity)

  • Unique self-made contributions

  • No plagiarism, don`t steal others contributions

  • Logo size: 1000px x 1000 px, submissions in PNG

  • Share your design on Twitter with the hashtags OPT, #OPTdao, #Logodesign, and tag @OpenPredict ex0laining your contribution a Community Logo design contest

  • Special rewards for influencers who motivate their community designers to join this competition (Share this task in your TG News channel, Twitter Feed, or Youtube audience). This can be a mention or a dedicated OPT DAO contribution. (Influencer according to DAO Maker's assessment.)

  • The winner should be able to provide an ai. or .psd file

  • The team will take into account the communities opinion and suggestion for the winning design 

By contributing to this task you accept that the submitted designs are going to be an OPT DAO ownership. Repeated submission of non-qualitative activities leads to exclusion.


  • 50 - 100 points per entry

  • 0.001 - 0.05 reputation per entry

  • 200 points, 0.1 reputation and 50 OPT token for the winner

  • Influencers Rewards: 100 points, 0.01 reputation & 5 OPT token ( min of 500 TG channel subscriber (active channel), 2000 Twitter follower (recognizable influencer account) or 50 Youtube subscriber (active channel) ) Influencer need to be OPT holder too.

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Published on: 26/08/2020Due date on: 02/09/2020


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